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Braiins OS+

Braiins OS+ Remote Installation and New Supported Models.

The latest versions of Braiins OS+ and Braiins Toolbox bring with them support for two new Antminer models and introduce the ability to install Braiins OS+ remotely without the need for an SD card.

Published on Nov 02, 2023
Published on Nov 02, 2023

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Braiins OS+ Remote Installation: A Game Changer

Say goodbye to the tedious task of installing Braiins OS+ via an SD card. Braiins OS+ can now be installed remotely on all supported Antminer S19 series devices with BBB and Amlogic control boards, covering the majority of devices released in the past two years.

This is not just a minor improvement, but a monumental advancement over the previous SD card installation method. No longer do you need to be physically present on site, inserting and flashing software off an SD card. Now, installing Braiins OS+ on thousands of miners can be done remotely in parallel. This convenience exponentially speeds up the installation process, trimming it down from days to mere minutes or hours, ultimately resulting in more uptime and increased revenue for our users. 

The remote installation process is a breeze; check it out for yourself in our how-to video below.

Ready to try it yourself? Download Braiins Toolbox to kickstart your remote installation journey.

New Braiins OS+ 23.10 Release: Welcoming New Miner Models and Features

This release, for Bitmain Antminer S19 series devices, is our biggest of the year and includes support for new Antminer models, new features, as well as minor bug fixes and improvements.

New Supported Antminer Models:

  • S19j Pro+
  • S19k Pro*

Notable Improvements and Features:

  • Improved detection of apw121215g power supply unit
  • Mining uptime metric is exposed in the public grpc API
  • MinerModel enum has been removed from the public grpc API
  • Bug that resulted in a slow response from the public grpc API has been squashed.

*Please note that support for the S19k Pro is in beta. As a result, miner performance when downclocking may not be optimal. This will be improved in a future Braiins OS+ release.

Download the latest version of Braiins OS+ and get the most out of every hash.

Hashrate of an S19j Pro with stock firmware vs. Braiins OS+ at the same power limit

New Braiins Toolbox 23.10.1: Your All-In-One App For Managing Your Bitcoin Mining Data Centers

We are leaving nobody behind with this announcement, as Braiins Toolbox is also getting a minor but important update with the following features and upgrades:

1. Braiins OS+ Installation Supported for New Antminer Models:

  • S19j Pro+
  • S19k Pro

2. The bug that was causing the uninstall command to not work in some instances has been squashed.

Download the latest version of Braiins Toolbox and experience the magic of managing your bitcoin mining data center from one app: 


We know that was a lot to take in so let us recap it all in three sentences for you:

  1. You can now install Braiins OS+ remotely without the need for an SD card.
  2. Braiins OS+ now supports two new Antminer models: S19j Pro+ and S19k Pro.
  3. The Braiins Toolbox has received a minor but important update.

Once again, you can download Braiins Toolbox and experience the magic of remotely installing Braiins OS+.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to join our Braiins OS+ support group on Telegram or submit a ticket via our website.

We hope you enjoy the new update and thank you for mining with Braiins.

P.S. Voskcoin recently shared his experience of using Braiins OS+ on his own mining farm. Check it out:

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