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Hashrate for Ukraine

Our bitcoin and hashrate are supporting Ukraine. Join us!

Published on Dec 26, 2021
Published on Dec 26, 2021

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Компания Braiins с гордостью базируется в Праге, Чешская Республика, стране, которая имеет долгую историю российской оккупации. Мы не понаслышке знаем, какие страдания это может причинить стране и ее народу.

Bitcoin for Ukraine

Today we are starting a hashrate donation account on Braiins Pool the proceeds of which will go directly to the Return Alive Foundation in support of the Ukrainian people as they fight to remain an independent sovereign nation.

We are kick starting this initiative with a donation of 10 BTC (see tx) and provision of 2.5 petahash of our own hashrate.

Help with your hashrate!

You can join the initiative from anywhere in the world. Direct your hashrate to our fundraising Braiins Pool account name: ukraine (any workername).

Mining URL: stratum+tcp:// - userName: ukraine - list of all available endpoints can be found here.

Join us!

- Braiins team

P.S. As always, we want to be transparent, so anyone can access and view the account using a read-only profile with login: help@ukraine and password: ukraine.

You can view the changelog also in our documentation.
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