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Приносим свои извинения, но эта страница еще не переведена на русский язык.

Our Mission

Bitcoin is the hardest money ever invented and our mission is to continuously solve the biggest problems faced by BTC miners while keeping the ethos of Bitcoin alive in the mining industry.

Our Co-founders

Jan Čapek

Инженер по встраиваемым устройствам и отец прошивки Braiins OS и программного обеспечения BOSminer работает над заменой устаревшего и закрытого CGMiner.

Pavel Moravec

Ведущий инженер Slush Pool с 2013 года, в настоящее время в основном сосредоточен на создании рыночных продуктов для майнинга на основе хешрейта.

Braiins Story

Braiins was born in Prague, the Bitcoin heart of Europe, alongside many other global Bitcoin success projects.

Here is the story
Of how we got here
Bitcoin is born

Satoshi Nakamoto publishes the Bitcoin Whitepaper and the idea of hard digital money is introduced to the world.

Satoshi, Hal Finney, and others begin mining

Satoshi Nakamoto mines the first Bitcoins and the hardest money in the world materializes.

Mining pool industry emerges

Marek Palatinus, nicknamed Slush, successfully implements the pooled mining concept. The 1st mining pool, initially called Mining Pool, is launched. This is how the mining pool industry started

Bitcointalk announcement
Braiins is established

Jan Čapek & Pavel Moravec, after years of IT experience in the banking & embedded industry, start their own company called Braiins to focus on embedded software R&D. Meanwhile, Marek “Slush” Palatinus starts talking to Pavel about Bitcoin.

Running the pool alone becomes more challenging

Marek “Slush”’s pool and other Bitcoin services become a constant target of hackers, and the pool loses thousands of BTC during the Linode hack.

At this point, Marek “Slush” Palatinus understands that his once small pool project needs more brains in order to survive and grow as Bitcoin moved towards the ASIC era. Braiins starts considering entering the mining industry.

Linode hack article
Braiins acquires majority share in the pool

Jan and Pavel focus fully on Bitcoin mining and Braiins takes over development and operation of the mining pool, gaining majority share in the project.

Marek “Slush” Palatinus, now having more time on his hands, launches Satoshilabs company with Pavol Rusnak nicknamed ‘Stick’ and Alena Vranova to focus on the Trezor project

Satoshilabs story
Braiins professionalizes the pool operations

Braiins focuses on evolving the mining infrastructure. The pool gets professionalized and new features are introduced: enhanced payouts, miner monitoring, and a community voting mechanism.

1 000 000 btc

The pool celebrates 1 million BTC mined becomes Slush Pool

The pool, initially called Mining Pool, rebrands to Slush Pool in order to get an internationally recognizable name. Marek’s nickname “Slush” was well known in the community so using it was a no brainer.

Braiins supports BTC,
not BCH

Braiins is the first pool operator to allow individual miners to vote on which version of Bitcoin they support. After the contentious Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Braiins stays focused solely on Bitcoin and doesn’t support BCH mining on the pool.

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Braiins works to solve mining centralization issues

After Bitmain’s Antbleed and covert AsicBoost fiascos, Braiins develops Braiins OS as an open-source alternative to the Antminer closed source firmware.

Braiins verifies overt AsicBoost capability in Bitmain Antminer S9 and publishes BIP 310 to enable version rolling in stratum protocol, then makes AsicBoost freely available to all miners in Braiins OS.

Full story: Bitmain Antminer S9 AsicBoost capability verified by Braiins
Stratum V2 Logo
Braiins launches the BTC Mining Stack UPGRADE initiative.
Updated mining firmware

Braiins OS is already battle tested by thousands of miners around the world, from retail miners to enterprise-scale operations.

Redesigned mining protocol

Braiins, in cooperation with Matt Corallo, releases Stratum V2 - next-gen mining protocol to enhance security, efficiency, flexibility and decentralization of mining.

Implement Stratum V2
Rewritten mining software

Braiins develops and launches BOSminer - mining software rewritten from scratch in Rust to replace the outdated CGminer.

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Braiins helps miners with autotuning firmware

Braiins launches a new enterprise variant of the firmware, called Braiins OS+. It’s a performance-boosting per-chip autotuning firmware with high demand from miners throughout the industry because it maximizes the TH/W produced by ASICs.

Continue working on improving mining decentralization

Braiins OS and Braiins OS+ come with native Stratum V2 implementations and Slush Pool adds a Stratum V2 endpoint, putting the mining protocol out in the wild with real use cases.

Security and privacy
for Bitcoin miners
Braiins acquires remaining stake in the pool from Marek “Slush” Palatinus

With the mining pool business becoming a deadend, Braiins acquires the remaining stake in Slush Pool from Marek “Slush” Palatinus and prepares for the future with autotuning firmware and hashrate derivatives the focus. Slush Pool will be rebranded in the future to reflect the full suite of Braiins products that it is integrated with and its new organizational structure.

It has been an honor to bear the name of the pool’s founder, but the mining industry is evolving quickly and it’s time for the parent company to take prominence publicly. Thank you Slush for all your valuable contributions.

Braiins carries out Slush Pool’s major upgrade

New features include a flexible payout system, customisable reward splitting, and an overall improved user experience.

The Braiins OS+ team grows and the list of supported hardware models grows along with it to include new generation of Antminers.

Wondering what’s next for the mining industry?

Read our Bitcoin Magazine article: “The Next 10 Years of Bitcoin Mining”
Braiins answers needs to decrease data transfer volumes between farms and pools

Braiins introduced Farm proxy. First tool on the market aggregating data from your miners working with any pool. This tool runs on-site, aggregates the hashrate, optimizes network connections and achieves easily 95% savings on the bandwidth.

Aggregate hashrate
Braiins Pool
Прощай Slush Pool ... здравствуй Braiins Pool!

Наш биткойн-майнинг пул переименован в рамках усилий по объединению наших инструментов для майнинга под зонтиком бренда Braiins.

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Braiins is a Bitcoin company with the privilege of driving progress in one of the industry’s most important sectors: mining.

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