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Optimal hashing.
Maximal profit.

Mine more bitcoin at any power limit, optimize chip performance and increase ASIC lifespan with Braiins OS custom firmware. Designed for large-scale operations.

  • All major Bitmain Antminer models supported.

  • All Pool and management software agnostic.


Proven and reliable since 2018, Braiins OS has operated on hundreds of thousands of miners.

  • 1 GW+

    Over 1 gigawatt running Braiins OS.

  • Audited provider

    Braiins entire company is SOC1 compliant.

  • Since 2018

    Developing & improving firmware since 2018.

  • 24/7 support

    Multilingual technical support available.

Barefoot Mining has several operations in areas that have extreme weather. We have been using the Braiins OS more and more in these locations because it has dramatically improved our output while reducing the labor needed at these locations. While there are many fantastic features and a great UI, Dynamic Performance Scaling has been a game changer.

Braiins OS custom firmware is a no brainer for anyone mining off grid. Autotuning is a must in harsh environments like Texas, where it really heats up in the summer. It’s always our pleasure to recommend Braiins to our clients — bottom line, it’s a no brainer.

We've used several competing firmwares, but Braiins OS has proven to be the best by far. They have improved our revenue, but they've also given exceptional customer support. Their prompt answers make them terrific to work with. They are constantly improving their product as well — even creating complementary products such as the Braiins Toolbox. Whether you manage 10 or 1000+ miners, we highly recommend Braiins.

Bob Burnett

CEO and Founder, Barefoot Mining

Matt Lohstroh

CEO and founder Giga Energy

Dennis C. Wiltshire

President BMA Enterprises, Inc.

Increase mining profits

Using our custom firmware, your machine will perform better on any power setting, earning you more bitcoin compared to stock firmware. Choose a flexible power strategy that fits your needs. All reported data based on Braiins testing. Individual performance may vary.


Choose a flexible power strategy that fits your needs. All reported data based on Braiins testing. Individual performance may vary.


-500 Watts


-500 Watts

Only 1 lower power setting.

105 TH/s

Only 5% less hashrate

26.2 J/TH

11% higher efficiency

Default Power Limit

3 250 Watts

110 TH/s

29.5 J/TH

120.5 TH/s

10% more hashrate

27.1 J/TH

8% higher efficiency


+500 Watts

Restricted by the manufacturer completely.

130.6 TH/s

19% more hashrate

28.7 J/TH

3% higher efficiency


Choose a flexible power strategy that fits your needs. All reported data based on Braiins testing. Individual performance may vary.


-500 Watts


-500 Watts

Only 1 lower power setting.

101.9 TH/s

Only 2% less hashrate

24.5 J/TH

17% higher efficiency

Default Power Limit

3 068Watts

104 TH/s

29.5 J/TH

112,.9 TH/s

9% more hashrate

27.1 J/TH

8% higher efficiency


+500 Watts

Restricted by the manufacturer completely.

127.5 TH/s

23% more hashrate

27.4 J/TH

7% higher efficiency


Installation is easy and fast. Get Braiins OS on your entire fleet with remote batch installation available via Toolbox app, featuring a modern graphical user interface.

S19 XP Hydro







S19 Pro




S19 XP

S19j Pro+

S19k Pro

S19j Pro-A

S19 Pro-A

S17 (all variants)

S9 (base, i, j)

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  • Mine on any pool

    All bitcoin mining pools are natively supported.


    For more info go to FAQ


    dev fee

  • Ecosystem Benefits

    Mine with zero pool fees on our pool in tandem with Braiins OS.

mine more bitcoin
on any power limit


Dynamic performance Scaling

Hot weather can lead to overheating and thermal cycling, impacting hardware. Braiins OS dynamically scales performance to prevent overheating, prolonging the lifespan of your mining equipment and increasing the mining uptime.

When Running Hot

Braiins OS 100% uptime
Stock Firmware 20% uptime

  • Built for Freezing Cold

    Braiins OS lets your ASICs thrive in freezing temperatures with adaptive preheating and a fine-tuned PID controller, ensuring efficient hashing without overcooling.

  • Built for Immersion

    Braiins OS natively supports immersion mode, eliminating the need for fan spoofers, saving you time and money on immersion cooling solutions.

Curtailment & Demand Response Ready

Our custom firmware can pause and resume mining much faster than stock firmware, enabling you to easily participate in demand response programs, increasing your profitability.

Other Benefits

Making it easier than ever to run a professionalized mining operation

  • Per-chip Optimization

    Via a feature called Autotuning, Braiins OS identifies stronger chips and assigns them more works. It tells weaker chips to do less, getting you more bitcoin on any power limit - regardless of your power strategy.

    In Depth Explanation
  • Public API

    Take advantage of our gRPC based APIs, easily compatible with your own in-house monitoring system.

    Complete API Documentation
  • Flexible Pricing

    Braiins can invoice via licensing to meet specific auditing requirements.

    B2B Requests
  • Stratum V2 Ready

    The first firmware ever providing users the benefits of Stratum V2: improved security and reduced data loads.

    Stratum V2 Blog Article
  • Scalable Solution

    Batch install and configure miners remotely with our Toolbox app, featuring modern graphical user interface.

    Discover Braiins Toolbox
  • Error Handling

    Braiins OS simplifies error handling with unique codes, detailed descriptions, and helpful tips. Additionally, errors can be read through the public API for swift diagnostics.


Узнать больше


    For any specific B2B requests and partnership offers, please reach out to us.


    Join our mining communities to get your questions answered in your language.

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  • Документация

    Read about all features, documented in detail with user guides.


  • Будут ли поддерживаться новые устройства?

    Yes, we are working to add support for new Antminer models. Sign Up for email updates here.

  • Can I use Braiins OS with pools other than Braiins Pool?

    Yes, you can mine with any pool, but Braiins Pool is the only one that has a fee discount for miners using Braiins OS.

  • Как работает dev fee?

    When you use Braiins OS, we collect a 2-2.5% dev fee (depending on hardware model) by directing that percentage of your hashing power to our pool. It’s up to you which pool you mine with for the remaining 97.5-98%. Note that the dev fee is never exactly the specified percentage of your total hashing power, as this number is always changing in real-time whenever you are mining. However, it will always remain within a fixed tolerance as described in the License.

  • How do I get 0% pool fees with Braiins Pool?

    If you choose to mine with Braiins Pool while using Braiins OS, you’ll receive a 0% fee rate instead of the standard 2%. Your pool fee removal is given as a rebate on the 2% pool fee collected. In other words, Braiins Pool still collects the standard 2% fee at the time of mining, but all of it is sent back to you as the Braiins OS bonus with every block found.

  • Что такое лицензия и как она работает?

    The license is an agreement that you can use the product with a set dev fee. It is valid for one month, but it renews itself automatically, so you don’t need to do anything to continue using Braiins OS long-term. Terms of the license, dev fee, and other benefits of Braiins OS may be changed or amended from time to time, so please check our website regularly, as the renewed license will always be governed by the current version of terms and information published on our website. See the full license.

  • How does Braiins OS autotuning work?

    Когда вы вводите желаемое энергопотребление в ваттах, наши запатентованные алгоритмы автоматически калибруют частоты на каждом хэш-чипе, чтобы максимизировать хешрейт.

  • Как максимизировать хешрейт?

    In order to achieve the maximum possible hash rate uplift enabled by Braiins OS, you will need to increase your power consumption (W).

  • How can I use Braiins OS Low Power Mode to keep my ASICs profitable for longer?

    Simply set a lower power target in Watts.

  • How long does the autotuning process take?

    The tuning usually takes between 1-9 hours to complete, depending on the type of control board, power limit specified and the quality of the chips in your device.

  • Каковы преимущества перехода на Stratum V2?

    Stratum V2 prevents hashrate hijacking through a security scheme known as authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD). That means you don’t have to worry about backdoors in your modems that allow malicious third parties to silently steal your hash rate. Additionally, Stratum V2 makes several improvements in efficiency, bringing down your data bills and enabling new setups and use cases such as header-only mining. Learn more at

  • How do I connect to Braiins Pool’s Stratum V2 endpoint?

    Click here to be redirected to the instructions on the Braiins Pool website.

  • Могу ли я использовать Stratum V1 или майнить на пуле, который поддерживает только V1?

    Yes, both Braiins OS and Braiins OS are fully backwards compatible with Stratum V1. If you want to use V2 on your machines but your pool doesn’t support it, you can use a V2 -> V1 translation proxy (written in Rust) to do so. It’s available here.

  • Как я могу найти последнюю версию?

    The latest version of Braiins OS can be identified by the dates following the prefix, which are formatted as YY-MM for major releases. For example, a release of Braiins OS occuring in October 2021 would be named as Braiins OS 21.10. Minor releases (e.g. a small bug fix) will be identified sequentially following the YY-MM. For example, the first minor release following the major release above would be named Braiins OS 21.10.1. A second minor release would be named Braiins OS 21.10.2 and so on.

  • How can I verify the downloaded images?

    To check the authenticity and integrity of the downloaded files, download the following public key here and verify the image signature by GPG.

  • Доступна ли реферальная программа? Как работает реферальная программа?

    Yes we have a Braiins OS referral program. For more details please visit the Braiins Partner Program page.

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